Re: anoncvs updates?

    Greg>  Other difficulties: In gnome-admin/gxsnmp/app/ping.c
    Greg>  there's reference to "struct icmp" which I can't find
    Greg>  defined anywhere on my system (Linux 2.1.103, libc5).

That's a bad one.  I found that Digital UNIX (OSF/1) does not have it, 
and neither does RedHat 4.2.  RedHat 5.x and Solaris 2.5/2.6 have it.

I didn't delve deep enough, but I wish the authors of gxsnmp could
find a portable way of doing that.  If one exists, of course :-).  I
would be willing to do the autoconf magic for them if they show me the 
alternative code for systems that do not have "struct icmp".

    Greg>  In gnome-utils/gdiskfree/df.c there's an undefined
    Greg>  "dirname()".

See my other recent note on that one.

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