Re: anoncvs updates?

  I had several problems compiling the (supposedly) up-to-date anoncvs
 version of gnome (see below), but it did compile.  But panel
 segfaults.  I'm just wondering if my version has recent fixes.
 In gnome-objc/obgnome/obgnomeAppWin.m, I changed line 7 to
  GnomeUIBuilderData *uidata)
 (adding the "*") to get it to compile.  I hope that was right.
 But I saw a reference in the mail archive to a cvs fix for this
 problem, and it doesn't seem to be fixed in the anoncvs version.
 I just now updated.  It's a little disheartening if I have to
 cope with old solved problems.
 Other difficulties: In gnome-admin/gxsnmp/app/ping.c there's
 reference to "struct icmp" which I can't find defined anywhere
 on my system (Linux 2.1.103, libc5).
 In gnome-utils/gdiskfree/df.c there's an undefined "dirname()".
 There was a complaint from somewhere in gnome-utils about a
 missing header file glibtop_machine.h, so I supplied one
 that contains just the line
 -- hope that's ok.
 I have no idea why panel segfaults -- I get warnings
 ** WARNING **: file gnome-pixmap.c: line 372 (gnome_pixmap_size_allocate):
 assertion "allocation != NULL" failed.
 ** WARNING **: file gtkbutton.c: line 858 (gtk_button_add):
 "gtk_widget_basic (widget)"
 Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
 gtk_widget_unparent (widget=0x811b2c0) at gtkwidget.c:1167
 1167            child = child->parent
 The gtk+ libraries must be basically ok, since I've compiled working
 gimp 1.1 and gmc based on them.
 Well, I'll keep updating and recompiling.

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