Re: CVS mess

    Jarl> May i ask who makes sure that anything that is checked in in
    Jarl> CVS, is compileable ?

> df.o: In function `find_mount_point':
> /usr/local/src/redhat/SOURCES/gnome-utils/gdiskfree/df.c:511: undefined
> reference to `dirname'

    Jarl> i know Gnome is alpha, but errors like these can be avoided,
    Jarl> to my humble opinion....

I worked on that one for a while.  I finally just put in what you see
below.  I have no idea if it works, since I don't know what the spec
for dirname is.

/* hmm: for some reason this function is used here but not at all
   available on my redhat 4.2 system */
static char *dirname(char *tmp)
  return g_strdup(strrchr(tmp, '/')); /* I think it's this easy */

I also added the g_strdup() just in case, since I see that the
invocation is

      dir = dirname (tmp);
      free (tmp);
      rv = chdir (dir);
      free (dir);

so tmp is freed before dir is used, which means that dirname() must
create new storage.  But I don't really know how g_strdup works, since 
it is not documented in the glib info docs.

With the routine I showed you gdiskfree compiles but does not run
because it says 

** WARNING **: file gtkaccelgroup.c: line 203 (gtk_accel_group_detach): assertion "g_slist_find (accel_group->attach_objects, object) != NULL" failed.

[a bunch o' times, followed by]

** ERROR **: Could not create per-user Gnome directory </home/rosalia/.gnome> - aborting

So I just gave up on it.

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