Re: Anonymous CVS Access Returns

Well, I appreciate having anoncvs access back up and running, but having
never used cvs before, I really don't know how to take advantage of this.
I did RTFM and tried on my own to get this to work, I still can't get
anything.  Would someone be nice enough to write out the steps--or better
yet, put them on the gnome web page--of how to go about grabbing the
development tree?

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On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Matthew Wilson wrote:

>Now that development has moved to the new CVS server, anonymous access
>has been turned back on.  You can access the server by setting your
>There is still no password. We would like to have another anonymous
>CVS mirror. If you are interested in providing this valuable service
>to the GNOME community, please mail Elliot at
>Two new tools have been set up to allow quick and easy browsing of the
>GNOME CVS tree. First, bonsai, created by, can do queries
>and browse changes in the GNOME tree. Get more information on the
>GNOME bonsai server at  There are still
>some bugs that need to be worked out andd patches made by the GNOME
>team to improve bonsai have already been incorporated into the bonsai
>tree at Don't expect bonsai queries to work quite right
>Also, LXR, the Linux Cross Reference tool, provides a quick cross
>reference and source searching facility. You can take a look at the
>GNOME Cross Reference at
>Happy GNOME Hacking...
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