Anonymous CVS Access Returns

Now that development has moved to the new CVS server, anonymous access
has been turned back on.  You can access the server by setting your

There is still no password. We would like to have another anonymous
CVS mirror. If you are interested in providing this valuable service
to the GNOME community, please mail Elliot at

Two new tools have been set up to allow quick and easy browsing of the
GNOME CVS tree. First, bonsai, created by, can do queries
and browse changes in the GNOME tree. Get more information on the
GNOME bonsai server at  There are still
some bugs that need to be worked out andd patches made by the GNOME
team to improve bonsai have already been incorporated into the bonsai
tree at Don't expect bonsai queries to work quite right

Also, LXR, the Linux Cross Reference tool, provides a quick cross
reference and source searching facility. You can take a look at the
GNOME Cross Reference at

Happy GNOME Hacking...


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