Re: assert() and mico difficulties

    Michael> Hmm, weird.  I was able to ping localhost, as well as
    Michael> pretty much anywhere else.  After I killed pppd, though,
    Michael> things started compiling, again.  I'd say it looks like I
    Michael> have some things to work out, although truth to be told,
    Michael> I've had no problems with networking until this point.  I
    Michael> wonder if apps that use mico (ie, panel) will work when I
    Michael> have ppp going.

It's a funny one, and it had me stymied for a long time back in April,
but it turns out that you can sometimes get yourself into a situation
where your loopback interface is not working, and mico/panel/applets
might be the only symptoms you ever see.

I always make sure I do an

	ifconfig lo up
	route add -net

before I start the panl up.

I don't know if this is your problem, though.

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