strange gnome-lib problem

If anyone can answer this, I'd be very happy.

After installing egcs1.0.3 I started installing gnome and required stuff
from scratch, starting with all the graphics libs (jpeg, gif, etc.) and
gettext, etc. all the way down to gtk, imlib, and mico (from the extras
and tarballs dir in gnome ftp site.)  Before doing all this, I was able to
get gnome-libs to compile and install (but gnome-guile wasn't happy and
could not be made happy without new gcc so...)

Now, after all that, I'm back at gnome-libs, but the configure script
can't find gdk_imlib (it's there in /usr/local/lib, I looked.)

Sorry for the lack of details.  I didn't think to bring a copy of the
output from configure in with me into the lab.  If noone responds to this,
I'll try again tomorrow with more details.

Carl Bartels      |  Linux is worth every penny those other people
McGill University |  paid for Windows NT.
Montreal, QC      |  
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