Re: compile questions.

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From: Carl Bartels <>
To: <>
Date: 01 July 1998 22:03
Subject: compile questions.

>I'm new to this, so if there are more resources (eg, faq's) that I may
>have missed, someone please point the way...
>Anyway, I've been trying to compile gnome-stuff on a slackware computer
>for about a week now and am getting quite frustrated.  I was wondering if
>someone had a more up to date list of things to do that what is in the faq
>that is currently on the main page.
>I've gotten as far as gnome-libs, gnome-objc to compile, and have run into
>another brick-wall at gnome-guile (undefined referece to dgettext, or
>something very similar)

Get the GNU gettext package from the extra-src directory on the Gnome FTP
site, and compile and install it. I had the same problem as you,  and what I
suggested fixed it. At the moment I'm a bit stuck on compiling gnome-utils,
due to an apparently missing file.

Email me if you are still stuck,


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