Re: PLANNED PROJECT: GTK/Gnome CDR burning program

>>>>> "Andy" == andy  <> writes:

Andy> This may be a naive question but how much is there to "Gnome
Andy> Compliance"?

It depends on how far you want to go.

If you look at an application that was designed in the Gnome
framework, you'll see:

* Standard use of dialogs (e.g., property and about dialogs)
  - Which in turn gives you standard buttons with icons, etc
* Other standard use of icons (e.g., toolbars)
* Standard use of toolbar and menubar (detachable)
* Correct (and fully) interaction with session manager
* Use of gnome-config to store preferences in standard place

... plus whatever I forgot (for instance, MDI for those applications
suited to it).

As time goes on, more will be pushed into the libraries.

Of course, this is all "implementation compliance".  In theory you
could comply by conforming to the style guide while still using an
alternate implementation.  In practice the libraries precede the style
guide by quite a bit.


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