Re: AVFS 0.1

Miklos> AVFS is a C library add-on, which enables ALL programs to look
Miklos> inside gzip, tar, ... files, without recompiling the programs
Miklos> or chaging the kernel. It works by using the LD_PRELOAD
Miklos> mechanism of the dinamic linker.

Miklos> At the moment it supports tar-files and compressed files
Miklos> (gzip, bzip2), and more is to come!

Is there some way to share the reading/writing code with MC's VFS?  I
don't want to use AVFS, because I want my code to work on systems
without LD_PRELOAD.  But I would still like to get the functionality.
I think sharing the low-level code between VFS and AVFS would be good.


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