Re: Wanda the GNOME Fish

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Bruno Widmann wrote:
> yes! If i remember correctly, they where wider a few weeks ago.. is there
> any reason the window was "narrowed"?
> also, i think the window should be resizeable

I guess I broke it. I'll confess.

The gnome-less widget used to have a stupid hack to set itself to 80
columns, and I took that out for some reason or other, I don't remember;
the whole gnome-less widget is basically a hack anyway, on top of the
dubious GtkText widget.

The correct Fish patch would get the width of a character in the
GnomeLess's font, multiply by 80, and set_usize the GnomeLess to that
width. A better patch would add a method gnome_less_set_columns to 
GnomeLess which does the same.

The window is easily made resizable with gtk_window_set_policy, it's just
that dialogs are non-resizable by default.

Havoc Pennington ====

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