Re: gnome-config problems

Marc Ewing wrote:
> Sure.  You'd have to come up with a syntax that might be a little
> cumbersome, but it wouldn't be too hard.  Are people attached to
> the current syntax of the config files?

I've always liked the way apache does their config files.  They use a
HTML-ish syntax. It would seem especially nice for writing configs for

Another thought I've had is that you might be able to modify a web
browser (XmHTML) to recognize custom HTML tags and dynamically create
the configuration 'page' from the config file using the standard form

You could have something like:

   <param name=bgcolor value=black>
   <param name=fgcolor value=white
   <param name=bgimage value=back.xpm

This could even allow for embedded tags like:

   <param name=bgcolor value=grey>
   <menu name=main label="Main Menu">
       <menu name="Programs">
         <li><program name=netscape label="Netscape"
         <li><program name=gimp label="The Gimp" exec="/usr/bin/gimp">
     <li><a href=applet#logout> //you could allow references to other
config info
                                //in the same file.
   <applet name=clock>
     <param name=whatever value=something>
   <applet name=menu>
     <param name=whatever value=somethingelse>
   <applet name=logout>
     <a href="panel.ghtml">Logout</a> //hyper link to external config
file for the
                                      // logout applet

Obviously, this is not a literal example;^), but just the jist.
It may not even be feasible.  Just a thought to run up the proverbial
flag pole.  I hope the spacing doesn't get all screwed.


Jason Gilbert | |

"The total job will be in the software, and we'll be able to write big
fat programs. We can let them run somewhat inefficiently because there
will be so much horsepower that just sits there. The real focus won't
be who can cram it down in, or who can do it in machine language. It
will be on who can define the right user interface and properly
integrate the main packages." -- Bill Gates, PC Magazine 1982

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