Re: About slib

Mario Filipe <> writes:

> I've been trying to compile gnome but i can't because apparently slib isn't
> very well installed so I'll ask for your help.

To install SLIB for Guile, you only need to unpack it in the right
place.  You have to make sure that SLIB's toplevel directory ("slib")
is in the load-path of Guile.

You can find your load-path with this command

    % guile -c "(display %load-path) (newline)"

(or by just typing `%load-path' without the quotes to a Guile prompt).

Unpack the slib tarball into one of the displayed directories.  For
example, "<prefix>/share/guile" should be fine.  That's all there is
to do.

Now, you might have a problem with recent SLIBs.  Version 2c0 (I
think) has some problems with guile-1.2.  You might need a recent
guile snapshot for it.  If this is not an option for you, I can send
you a working slib.scm file that you need to install in

Now, I think gnome only uses SLIB for regenerating the guile-gtk stub
code and then only for the definition of `format'.  I think I
distribute my own mini-format with guile-gtk which should remove
gnomes dependence on SLIB.  mini-format is also faster than regular

> When reading slib's README it says that it has configuration for several
> Scheme implementation. Wich one is the right one for guile (i'm willing to
> bet on scm). Then it talks about an initialization file. Where is this file
> for guile ?

You don't need to worry about this.  Guile comes with its own SLIB
configuration code that you load with the `ice-9 slib' module.  This
is also the source for the version problem.  The initialization code
is not synched up with SLIB.

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