Re: Orb choosing time (was Re: Adding other languages to omniorb)

On 22 Jan, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> You can make the gtk event loop non-blocking by adding an idle
> function. I don't know about CORBA, but I would be very surprised if
> there were no way of getting around the blocking effect above. After
> all, it is supposed to be useful on, e.g., the MacOS, where every app
> has a GUI with an event loop and thread support is poor to
> nonexistent.
The question isn't whether or not you can avoid threads. Of course you

The question is whether or not threads constitute a "natural" way to
do what you need to do. For many situations, threads can simplify the
logic and code. Conversely, using threads where they don't belong can
obviously make it worse.

I'm not urging the use of threads here, I'm urging the consideration
of threads.

Dale Pontius

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