Re: "consistent look and feel" && "WM independent"??

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Tom Tromey writes:
>  > Raster> So am I. You CANNOT make a desktop and not include a wm. It is
>  > Raster> the ONLY program that by X standards is defined to run ALL the
>  > Raster> TIME.
>  >
>  > That's true, but Gnome != X.  Gnome will require the "GOA" at least.
>  > (IMHO) users will be encouraged to run the session manager as well.
> This is confusing.  Are you saying that Gnome isn't going to require X?
> X requires a WM; therefore if Gnome requires X, then Gnome requires a WM.
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Actually I don't think X does "require" a window manager. For example
try using the failsafe login on your X-terminal (or if xdm is properly
set up on your box). It usually defaults to an xterm. No WM. 

I think the thread may refer to session management as well as window
management. These are not necessarily (in fact at present almost never)
done by the same program. Have a look at the man page for xsm.

And also a look at the hardcopy docs for X11 atoms which lists some of
those which are specific to session management.


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