Re: ANNOUNCE: Style Guide available for review.

Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> Russell Nelson wrote:
> > Christopher Blizzard writes:
> > I would say:
> >   o All functions of the application should be available through the
> >     default user interface.

default ?
> Sounds good.
> > I would say:
> >   o The last entry in the "File" menu must be called "Exit". This
> >     button will exit the application completely.
> >
> Better worded, I agree.

Hmm, what would exiting the app half-way mean ?

How about making the "file::exit" string be user-configurabel ?
So people who want "Exit" can keap it, but people who always
wondered how a sane mind could call an item "Exit" which has "Ctrl-Q"
as default accelerator can switch to "Quit" ?
(In some languages they would be translated to be the same string).
Yes, I'm a former Mac user, too :O)

> > No.  The number of menu items should not change.  If you want to show
> > the last four documents, then there should always be four items for
> > "last" documents, and if there is not sufficient history, then they
> > should be greyed out.
> >
> Good idea.  I've changed the wording to reflect this.

I don't think that's a good idea.  The "Exit" items always
is at the same location, "at the end".  The distance from
the top varies across apps, anyway.  Furthermore, 
this situation will at most be noticed 4 times for each
new user, or after a user cleared his/her history entries
manually for some obscure reason.
As a last argument (promised) the four greyed out entries would
read either nothing or a vanilla string, which is not
a very good UI feature IMO.
> > I would add a Dialog Policy:
> >   o A dialog which consists of a single entry box shall have its Ok
> >     button be the default (which is to say that enter shall accept the
> >     entry), and the escape key shall be bound to the Cancel button.
> >
> Sounds good.  Added.

Hmm, I think we should put this in a more general perspective.
E.g. Dialogs should default on the most general positive
option (confirmation).  An exception is that dialogs which
trigger a non-reversable action should default to cancel.
Case covered IMO (rephrase of course ;)


As an aside, it would be nice if everybody could send messages
to the list OR privately, but not both (just want to make sure
in advance, I am on the "gnome-list" at least ;)


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