Re: ANNOUNCE: Style Guide available for review.

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Christopher Blizzard writes:
>  >
> I would say:
>   o All functions of the application should be available through the
>     default user interface.

Sounds good.

> What about (as Marc suggested is done) using the toolbar for state
> indications?  Is this undesirable if they've pinned the toolbar and
> it's not visible?  Or even closed the toolbar?
> I would say:
>   o The last entry in the "File" menu must be called "Exit". This
>     button will exit the application completely.

Better worded, I agree.

> You say:
>   o Applications that are document based ( wordprocessors,
>     spreadsheets, web page editors ) should contain menu entries in
>     the "File" menu for at least the last four documents that have
>     been accessed.
> No.  The number of menu items should not change.  If you want to show
> the last four documents, then there should always be four items for
> "last" documents, and if there is not sufficient history, then they
> should be greyed out.

Good idea.  I've changed the wording to reflect this.

> I would add a Dialog Policy:
>   o A dialog which consists of a single entry box shall have its Ok
>     button be the default (which is to say that enter shall accept the
>     entry), and the escape key shall be bound to the Cancel button.

Sounds good.  Added.

> And, fix the speling erors.

Err, yeah.  I forgot to run that through ispell.  Thanks. :)



Christopher Blizzard
AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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