Re: ANNOUNCE: Style Guide available for review.

Guillermo S. Romero / unnamed / Familia Romero wrote:
> More or less. But I prefer that when you hold in place, "big" message
> appears (in Windoze the messages are 10 words or less), and if you click
> (for example in a ? at right side of the tooltip window), the help app is
> launched.

At least under '95 it's impossible to click in a tooltip as it moves
aways when you leave the original widget.  Whether Gtk follows
this concept I don't know (havn't used anything other then Emacs
under X11 for a while)

> The correct, IMO, should be:
> Button: lens icon or "Zoom" text.

I agree that text + icon is a little silly, but if users
want it, I wouldn't mind.  Maybe it makes getting used
to an app somewhat easier.  Later one can switch
to icons + tooltips only mode.  Only the latter is an
important feature, icon+text surely isn't.

> Tooltip: "Change the image visible size" or "Magnify image"

Good.  Then there is:

Balloon help:
Shows some lines of text explaining what the button will do.
It's arguable what audience this feature should be adressing.
E.g. "This is a button.  You can click with the mouse to
magnify the image" is stupid. :O)  But as always, it depends.

> Help app: "Zoom: Zoom is a tool to... blah blah blah (some info paragraphs,
> link to related things etc etc)"

General help app feautures:
- Help contents/index whatever
- "Context sensitive" help topics, e.g. for a dialog
- topic#element triggered by a ? button/cursor combination

> >Number of files to keep is yet another "global" (but per-user)
> >preference to put in th preferences database (along with keybindings,
> >fonts, colors, dialog sizes, etc.)
> Text messages too.
> You can choose a language (Spanish English...) or even modify one. Languaje
> X (true languaje) subset Y (personal phrases, slang).
> No more "ok" "OK" "Ok" "Okay" problems.

The modified sets would be stored in seperate message catalogues
resp. resource archives, only the language set/subset would
be specified in the preferences, right ?


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