Re: Menus, menu bars, buttons, panels, sliders, all gui, the whole gui enchilada!

I have not yet tracked down the real reference but I have found the
It is a start. I will try my best to find it.


Creating Electronic Documents that Interact with Diagnostic Software for
On-Site Service

Abstract: Xerox Corporation has developed an integrated electronic
documentation system for field technicians to use at customer sites
for diagnosis and repair of equipment. The electronic documentation
system lets users access large technical documents which include text,
graphics, video, and sound. Documents interact with the equipment being
serviced to provide the reader with information relevant to the
current situation. This article discusses how the Standard Generalized
Markup Language (SGML) was used, user interface requirements and
how they are addressed in our system, multimedia implementation
techniques, integration strategies with other service tools, and the
technologies employed in the system.

"Electronic Documents" is just another name for a GUI. Perhaps more

Examples of why XML might be flexible enough for the task of GUI

	-  Open Trading Protocol (OTP)
"a global standard for retail trade on the Internet, has been published
and is available now on the Internet. The complete specification for the
Open Trading Protocol (OTP) developed by the leaders in Internet
commerce has been posted for public comment, and pilot implementation
and trials."

allows describing the synchronization of different real-time multimedia
streams (SMIL).

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