Re: Menus, menu bars, buttons, panels, sliders, all gui, the whole gui enchilada!

$00.2 of mine

> 	This has resulted in my having developed EXTREME AVOIDANCE BEHAVIOR on
> this matter. But, I have to work and I have deal with it.

Me too.

> 	Lately though, I've been moving my user interfaces (when I've had to
I'm on the same way...:-)

> C/C++/python/perl/tcl/guile/whatever, why not have it have an XML file
> associated with it or built in to it (whatever) that defines the look,
> the menus, the cute little graphics, the buttons, the fonts to use, the
> BEHAVIOR of the entire gui? The app would pass this information to a
> second program (or make use of a library) to create, register, and
> render the gui.

That's it!


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