Re: Newsreader (Skim), Balsa and LZW (Re: Mix of Ideas ...) writes:

> On 6 Feb, Guillermo S. Romero / unnamed / Familia Romero wrote:

> At the moment, I'm very happy using leafnode + knews. I did try
> using

Yes!  I like leafnode, too.  And for a long time knews was my
newsreader of choice.  Until I got acquainted with xemacs/gnus.

> I'd like to see some way to turn mailing lists (like this one) into
> a newsgroup on my system. Threading is nice on knews, and while I
> suspect that there are threaded mailers, at the moment I'm settled
> into tkRat.

Gnus will thread mail as well as news.  If you have [x]emacs, you
probably already have a version of gnus that came with it.  If you
like [x]emacs, you'll probably like gnus.

It can make a list look like a newsgroup.  It can make anything look
like anything, almost.  You can followup a news article and email the
author at the same time, or answer an email and post it to a newsgroup
at the same time.  You can forward from mail to news or news to mail.
It will sort on almost anything.  It can learn what kind of articles
you like and highlight new ones you're likely to be interested in.

If somebody posts a patch to a news group, you can apply the patch
without ever leaving the group.  At least that's what the masters say
-- I haven't had the nerve to try it yet.  If you know lisp, you can
do anything with it.  Chocolate mousse, corned beef and cabbage,
anything is possible.  Well, OK, maybe not chocolate mousse.

AFAIK emacs/gnus will do the same, but I didn't really discover gnus
until I had already migrated to xemacs.  Anyway I'm sold.  Really.
I'll give up my gnus when they pry my cold dead fingers off the --
wait, sorry, got a little carried away there...


Bud Rogers <>

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