Re: How to gnome/CORBA?

So OpenDoc fits the free software environment more so than a monolithic
corporation, eh?  Now that the OpenDoc source is available, and OpenDoc
is CORBA-compliant, perhaps we could use OpenDoc for our document

Although the license isn't GPL, no one said anything about using ideas
and hints from the OpenDoc source.  Any problems that show up in
implementing a customized OpenDoc library/API could be helped out by
seeing how IBM and Apple did it.

After reading the OpenDoc literature, it seems to be well-thought out,
and the apps that _were_ built for it (CyberDog), were small, fast,
extensible, and flexible.  And IBM wrote 1.2 to work over the network,
using DSOM.  P.S.  With the source code of OpenDoc, we also get many
details about SOM, IBM's Standard Object Model.

Also, while on this subject, how will GNOME handle JavaBeans?  Maybe
this would be something to go in the FAQ?

Jim Pick wrote:
> Philip Dawes <> writes:
> > The opendoc book I'm reading also speculated that part providers would
> > actually compete on binary size, since the user would be able to see and
> > make judgements on whether the unit part component was 'bloated' or not,
> > rather than just being told that an application is feature packed and to
> > be pleased about the 12meg footprint.
> >
> > Incidently I don't expect to see Ole/Active X fulfill the potentual of a
> > document architecture - it just doesn't make business sense for
> > Microsoft to break up its applications into small chunks so that other
> > companies can compete on a level playing field.
> Hmmm.  I wonder if that's the same reason why IBM and Apple decided to
> kill off OpenDoc?  Big companies don't want the level playing field
> that a good document architecture would allow for.
> Just another conspiracy theory to add to the pile.  :-)
> Cheers,
>  - Jim
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