Re: Compile Errors in Linux (Red Hat 5.0)

Mark Galassi writes:
 > I don't know how to make sure such things will absolutely never
 > happen.

How 'bout a version number in the library?  The scheme I had explained
to me 17 years ago was: change the minor version when you retain
backwards compatibility; change the major version when you don't
(which is not to say that gtk abides by that scheme.)  So, a program
written for version 1.0 will link with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc, because all
those libraries define version_1_0.  A program written for version 1.1
will have an external reference to version_1_1, and won't link with
1.0 because that symbol is missing.  Since version 1.1 also defines
version_1_0, the program written for 1.0 will still link fine.

Do the same thing with data files as well.

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