Re: Problems compiling 0.91

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:00:50 -0800, Michael Hall <> wrote:
>  First off I'd just like to say 'hi' as I just joined the list and also
>thank everyone involved in GNOME for your great work and effort. It'd
>been awhile since I looked at GNOME but with the recent 0.90 release I
>figured it was time to check it out again, really come a long way, looks
>and feels great, looking forward to 1.00.
>  Anyway, I had .90 up and working but just ftp'd the .91 files and tried
>to upgrade and ran into problems with 'gnome-libs'. When compiling I see
>some warnings pertaining to 'gtk_label_set_text' and then eventually it
>bombs out, here is some of my make.log:

You need the latest gtk+.

>  Using 'nm' I can't find any reference to 'gtk_label_set_text' in any of
>the glib/gtk libs or in '' from 0.90. Is this something new
>and we need to upgrade glib/gtk ?

So far, GNOME releases always use the latest version of glib & gtk+, so
whenever getting a new GNOME, get the newest glib/gtk+ as well.

-- Elliot
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 versus nature, nature versus nature, and dog versus vampire."
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