Re: STABLE gnome-libs/core compile on HPUX bug report

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Dan Newcombe wrote:
> gnome-libs, pulled from GNOME_STABLE cvs at 3pm EST.
> gnome-core pulled from GNOME_STABLE cvs at 4pm EST.
> Gnome-libs has two problems, both in zvt.
> Gnome-core actually compiled cleanly.
> More later, however, our net connection has been REAL unstable, so I don't
> know when I'll get to try other stuff.
> gnome-libs/zvt/gnome-utmp.c
> ---------------------------
> On HPUX, there is a utmpx.h, but it does not have the functions that the 
>   getutmpx function, and others in the write_logout_record function 
>   that assumes if you have utmpx, you have getutmpx
> Also, HPUX does not define WTMPX_FILE.
> As a "work-around", I've just been undefining HAVE_UTMPX_H in the file, however
>  a configure time check for getutmpx would probably be a better solution.

I've been getting this on my RedHat Intel system with bleeding edge glibc 
version.  I reported this bug a few days ago, but there's been no answer.
I think the zvt maintainer may be on vacation.

Best of Luck,

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