Porblems with some Applets !


First of all, congratulations for the 0.99 !!
Seems to work fine, except of some problems:

Some of the applets won't start from the panel, these are
slashdot, gticker, webcontrol, bussign. but starting them
on commandline, they start and seem to work. No 
errormsgs appear.

and gnome-session doesn't save the panelsettings again.

I used the 0.99tars from jimpick. com|piled everything
and did a fresh install, removed all my old .gnome* from my

Bye Manitu

     __      Christian Greissing
   /   __      Keplerplatz 9/7         manitu@cyberdude.com
  /__/ _         1100 VIENNA
    /__/           AUSTRIA 

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