Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Robert Soros wrote:
> Unfortunately my windowmanager kills the process, which is not good at
> all :(  Correct me if I'm wrong though, cannot apps be coded so the
> parent window will only have a delete_window  event attached to them,
> overriding the window manager's kill_process scheme ? I would hope so,
> because If I'm asking this question now, your going to have a lot more
> people asking why their desktop icons are disappearing in the future. 

No there's really nothing a program can do about a kill, that's the main
point of it, so you can kill an app that's out of control.  This is just
broken on the window manager end.

Most window managers are reasonable about this, aren't they? I would
expect them to send delete event from the standard window manager


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