Re: Panel segfaults immediately

On 20 Dec 1998, Elliot Lee wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Dec 1998 20:10:08 -0500, Daniel Burrows <>
> wrote:
> >  The panel segfaults whenever I try to load it.  This has been
> >happening for ~24 hours now; everything relevant is the latest
> >from CVS with GNOME_STABLE tags on gnome-libs and gnome-core.  The
> >output I get is (apologies for the long lines, my console is 132x50):
> >
> >Unable to connect to server port 35091
> >This generally means that the program could not talk to the esound server
> >
> >** WARNING **: Could not get name service!
> >
> >Segmentation fault
> >  Ah!  Revelation dawns..I just tried manually starting up gnome_name_servi=
> >ce
> >and it works.  Perhaps the panel should try to start one itself if it doesn=
> >'t
> >find one? 
> It does. Something is going wrong with the starting up - that's what the "***
> WARNING" is about.
> I'd be eternally grateful if you could find why execing gnome-name-service
> fails. I haven't had this problem so I can't fix it :)
> It is done inside gnome-libs/libgnorba/orbitns.c
> If you don't have gnome-name-service on your $PATH, that would be the
> problem...
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When I had this problem, it complained about not being able to find some
CORBA service, I think it was naming or so.  The problem mysteriously

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