.99 RPMs -- minor install problem.


After eagerly grabbing the .99 RPMs, I sat down with the intent to ignore
the work I was _supposed_ to be doing, and get GNOME and Enlightenment .15
running on my machine.  I've run into one small problem, though:

# rpm --upgrade enlightenment-0.15.0-2.i386.rpm
failed dependencies:
	libaudiofile.so.0 is needed by enlightenment-0.15.0-2

I'm running RedHat 5.1 here, BTW.  This file doesn't ring a bell; could
someone please let me know what I need to throw on here to rectify?


- jmb. / exabyte corp.
Opinions are mine.  All mine.  If you even thing about attributing them
to Exabyte, I'll have my pet gorilla break your knees.

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