Not Invented Here! [was Re: What time does the freeze begin?]

I like this feature too.  With MS spending billions of dollars on their 
10-year old Usability Labs you would think that they would get a FEW 
things right...and indeed they have.  So let's not be afraid to "cherry 
pick" those things that are good about the Win32 UI and incorporate 
them into Gnome.  They did the same thing to Mac in Win 95 and the courts 
let them get away Scott free -- so we should have no trouble doing the 

happy coding,  


"The Linux community is very willing to copy features from other OS's if 
it will serve their needs. Consequently, there is the very real long 
term threat that as MS expends the development dollars to create a bevy of new features 
in NT, Linux will simply cherry pick the best features an incorporate them into 
their codebase."

	-- Vinod Valloppillil (, Sr. Microsoft 
Engineer, "Halloween II" (

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Dan Newcombe wrote:

> > In time or not to commit before freeze, please read first the Hall of Shame
> > about this kind of things. NT file selector (open, save, etc I suppose) is
> > bad to some extend: multiple columns of seven items with horizontal
> > scrolling... NO. Vertical scroll, fixed num of cols, variable num of lines
> > (or one with extar info), few "white space", yes.
> Yes...their implentation is SUCH a pain.  However, the ability
> to make objects, wipe out objects, rename, etc... is quite handy.
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