Re: GNOME Games?

Quoting Miguel de Icaza (
> > Get gnome-xml from CVS and have look at gnome-xml/doc/xml.html .
> > That's all u need because it's that easy. You can also look at the header
> > file (tree.h), the names of the function calls are some kind of
> > self-explaining.
> The gnome-xml also ships with inline API documentation.  You can pull
> the API documentation from the files with the $prefix/doc/gnome-doc
> script (as shipped with gnome-libs).

  Miguel, do you think that the generated documentation should be commited
CVS or should it be built when doing "make all", or any other methodology
you can suggest ...
  Also I can really find gnome-doc itself, maybe it should be added to the
gnome alias in the CVS base CVSROOT/aliases file so it get extracted
automatically. Any pointer to code or example on how to properly maintain
the generated documentation would be welcome and used ASAP :-)



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