ARghhhh Re: Spaces in file and directory names. said:
// +----- | Unix has used spaces in the names for a long long time.  Any
// shell | with completion supports that. +--->8

// Regrettably false:

// 2@hilfy:501 B$ ksh 3@hilfy:161 K$ touch 'test file' 3@hilfy:162 K$
// echo test file   ----------------------/  (pressed <ESC><ESC> here)

// ksh93 (in its incarnation as "dtksh") likewise doesn't handle it
// correctly.
// ksh has never (to my knowledge) understood special characters in
// completion. 

Yes, you are write Brandon, I also remember a shell I had written back in 
spring1992 which did not do that either. You are damn right.

But now, I think it is time to stop the thread.
And maybe is it time to stop the thread about CVS too.

Best wishes,


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