Re: HELP! wierd compilation problem

Todd Graham Lewis writes:
 > Here is more detailed info for those who want it:
 > 	rpm -qa | grep '^auto'
 > 	autoconf-2.12-6
 > 	autofs-3.1.1-8
 > 	automake-1.3-2
 > And here's the output from my autoconf:
 > reflections% ./ --prefix=/opt/gnome                                                          ~/gnome/cvs/gnome/gnome-libs
 > processing .
 > Running libtoolize...

You should have gettextize... in here. I think that you do not
have the latest version of gettext installed (rpms in the redhat-5.2
distribution). The stuff that gettextize does to the autoconf setup
was removed from the macros/ recently. Jim Pick's tarballs put it back
in for you by running gettextize before packaging the tarballs.

 > libgnorba/ variable `ORBIT_LIBS' not defined
 > zvt/ variable `GDK_IMLIB_LIBS' not defined

Could these might be side effects of the gettext problem ? Seems weird
but trying to run a broken autoconf might produce weird side effects.


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