Re: HELP! wierd compilation problem


Just on a lark, I nuked my CVS download of gnome-libs.  Since the CVS
server was too slow, I pulled down Jim Pick's snapshot.  Using that
instead of the version from CVS worked!

I know that the developers are busy working on functionality and should
not be bothered with trivialities like this right now, and so I pass
on this bit of advice to the other hangers-on out there.  If you have
trouble getting the CVS version to compile, pull down the snapshot from and give that a shot.  I have seen several other people
reporting problems similar to mine, so I hope that this can help some
of you.

Happy gnoming, everyone.

Todd Graham Lewis      (800) 719-4664, x2804

"It's still ludicrous that nobody's ever made a run at us by making UNIX
 a popular platform on PCs.  It's almost too late now."  -- Steve Balmer
"It is too late."   -- Bill Gates             _Newsweek_, 6/23/97, p. 82

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