Re: Okay, it was a bad subject (Re: CommonSense and the future of Internet.)

    >> What do we need to do to get this spammer off of gnome-list?

    Koen> Thank you very much for your honest, considerate
    Koen> opinion. I'm flattered.

A more moderate expression would be that you made a serious judgement
error that shows you don't know what the gnome list is about.

    Koen> I was under the impression that gnome will enable users to
    Koen> access the web in a seamless, transparent manner, and as
    Koen> such, what will happen with the internet will definitly have
    Koen> it's influence on gnome (think about encryption for
    Koen> example).

If that's a goal of GNOME, it's a side-effect.

    Koen> If you don't care about anyone else's future, thats fine by

We all have a lot of causes we fight for, and we don't look at the
gnome-list for new causes.  There are other channels for this stuff.

    Koen> me. But calling me a spammer is pure ignorance. And if a
    Koen> where a real spammer, would I have posted this the way I
    Koen> did?

These days many spam messages have apologies worded quite like yours.

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