RE: CORBA events ? (was: Sound in Gtk)

>>>>>> "yiyus" == yiyus  <> writes:
>Jeff> Anyway, if GNOME made use of CORBA events,
than any number of
>Jeff> apps (objects) could potentially be event
>I agree.  This has been planned for a long time.
We've been waiting
>for an ORB.
>Perhaps ORBit is finally finished enough that we
can start putting
>CORBA-based code into libgnomeui.
>I don't think the CORBA event service is the
appropriate service to
>use, however.
>yiyus> This could be good. But people don't like
to have to install
>yiyus> CORBA with OrBit and all in their systems,
only to have their
>yiyus> buttons doing 'Beep' when they click them.
>It's always been the plan that Gnome will use
CORBA to provide
>systemwide application integration.
>I doubt people care how things work, provided
that they do.  To put
>this another way: will installing one more
library really make the
>difference?  One program I looked at
("session-properties" -- by no
>means an unusual program) already uses 19
libraries.  I doubt 20 is
>the magic point at which users revolt :-) (Ok,
ok, only 8 of those are
>"nonstandard", which roughly means "name matches

I agree with using CORBA if we put sound in Gnome.
But I was thinking about Gtk. And simple Gtk
applications, such as gEdit, could use sound with
only Gtk. Really, what I will use is Gnome, and I
don't worry where to put sound events.

- yiyus


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