Re: About Boxes Re: The Help Menu

Some old email...

>>>>> "Jochem" == Jochem Huhmann <> writes:

Jochem> Once I dreamt about an "gabout"-app, that might compose from a
Jochem> simple configuration file (supplied by the author of the
Jochem> application) a really useful about-box, with clickable e-mail
Jochem> and www/ftp adresses, actual memory-usage, installation date,
Jochem> viewable changelog, etc.

All existing Gnome applications use the gnome-about code in
libgnomeui.  You could easily implement this proposal there.  It might
require some small extensions, but I don't think it would be a big

Feel free to send a patch!

I thought about doing this once, too, btw.  I didn't do it because I
thought perhaps some authors wouldn't want their email address to be
clickable.  At least with the current method you can weed out some of
the lamest questions.

Is this a real problem?  I dunno.  If so, we could instead have a
standard bug-reporting address.  Better yet, a standard bug-reporting
widget that the user can fill in.  Such a widget could automatically
record useful information about the environment (OS, application,


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