Re: About Boxes Re: The Help Menu

> The solution to problems like "the help menu is really a documentation
> menu" or "about isn't help-related" shouldn't be to rename or move the
> offending items, but to *actually* make them *help* the user, like they
> were intended to.

Well, at least for free software the about-box *is* help-related, since it
(usually) contains the name and email adress of the author.

Once I dreamt about an "gabout"-app, that might compose from a simple
configuration file (supplied by the author of the application) a really 
useful about-box, with clickable e-mail and www/ftp adresses, actual 
memory-usage, installation date, viewable changelog, etc. Yet every programmer
had to create such a beast by himself, but nobody does. Why not write it
once and for all?


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