Re: GTK+ themes : libgnomeui dependencies ?

Raja R Harinath <> writes:

> Looks like the engine needs libgdk_imlib -- but due to the hobbled
> library dependency generation of `libtool', it can't tell the rest of
> the world about it.
> Overall, this looks pretty messy to me:
> 	gdk_imlib depends on gtk+
> 	gtk+ depends on gdk_imlib, via the themes stuff
> Owen, Raster, is it feasible to separate the theme engine itself into a
> separate package to break this dependency loop.

Already in the works. themes/ is a subdirectory of gtk+/ in CVS
but is not meant to make dist with it or build in a single pass.
Somebody added to to SUBDIRS by mistake - that will be removed
in my next commit.


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