Re: Menu items with icons

Tom Tromey wrote:

> yiyus> I am working with other people in the Style Guide and we had
> yiyus> though we could make a Gnome menu in all the aplications. Of
> yiyus> course, it should be a foot menu, being the menu bar something
> yiyus> similar to this:
> What would go on the foot menu?

Well, the current idea behind the foot menu is that it would hold
operations that work on an application-level scope.  Things like Exit,
About, and Preferences (assuming application-level preferences).  Those
are the only commonly-agreed-upon items.  Other proposals have included
moving Help there (countered by the argument that Help should always be a
very obvious top-level menu item).

A few other proposals fluttered by quickly, like adding a list of
currently-running GNOME apps for easy app-switching (arguably the domain
of the WM).  I can't remember the others off hand.

The most prevalent reasoning behind the foot menu has been 1) good GNOME
branding, through the foot icon (with a configurable option to change it
to straight text, "GNOME", or "Program", or something like that), and 2)
cleaning out the File menu, moving menu items that were put there for
lack of a better place.  And plenty more....

This has been a hot topic on the gui-list for quite some time now, and
the consensus seems to be leaning toward adopting the foot-icon menu.
Nothing, of course, is engraved in stone.  Incidentally, the latest
version of gEdit has this foot menu, if anyone's interested in seeing how
it feels.

Anybody here care to comment on this?


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