panel question/idea


perhaps I missed this on the panel discussion/idea or GNOME componets
discussion. So I will ask again:

I have my panel setup to display the "CPU/MEM usage" monitor, and I
want to see further details about my system. So I start the "System
monitor" from the GNOME menu. Wouldnīt it be nice, if one could click
onto the applet to launch a configurable program, in this example the
"System monitor"?

Iīm donīt know what the GNOME style guide says about the applets
area. Does it belong only belong to the applet, and the applet is
responsible for binding an appropriate function for a single
mouseclick, or could the panel provide a default behavoir if the
application does not consume the mouse click? 

I case that the applet is exclusivly responsible for the mouse-clicks
onto the applets area, it would be wonderful if the applets could
provide such a functionality.

In case that the panel can provide a fall-back method, it would be
wonderful if one could configure the program to launch via the
properties dialog, which pops up by right clicking on the applets

Problems arise, when applets consum the left-click, e.g. the
Mixer or CD applet. In this case I do not understand the philosophy:
Shouldnīt the Cd or Mixer applet be full blown applications in real,
displaying there status via an applet (-> memory consuming) or two
different programs with no further relationship (except the
function)? But in the last case we donīt need the CORBA stuff? 

Sorry, if I missed the answer to this. Iīm just confused a bit ?-)


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