Re: icons

Ohh, no definitely not, they need not be so far apart.. i just threw
the thing together quickly with the gimp and didn't move them close
enough to each other, actually i would prefer them closer.

as for your idea about have some sort of icon or elegant image to
replace those tabs on the sides of the panel.. i like it.. if i
remember correctly , the gnome-pilot has a nice little panel icon,
simple and elegant... something of that nature would be a nice
replacement for those tabs.

(hmmm, the ants are getting into my apartment this year, again..
shouldn't leave half drunk pepsi's laying around.. )

concering your idea about the mouse-overs, I like the idea.. for what
its worth though, i dont really have any control over that and how
it's implemented.. unfortunately i am a user, not a hacker.. i have
some programming experience but nearly not enough to work on the level
of some of these developers, hopefully something like this idea will
eventually make it into the development though ;-)

Till Next Time, Farewell Brave, Strong and Proud Gnome users ;-)

---"Robert M. Ellsworth" <> wrote:
> In your screenshot without gray frames, do the transparent icons
need to be so far
> apart?  This would limit the number of selections that could
populate it (not that
> that's a problem now, but what about after this thing replaces
Losedows 98 in
> popularity?  Surely running applications under the Gnome interface
will put some
> items in that bar, too...
> If tightly-packed icons pose a selection problem, you might have
them 'light up' or
> otherwise visibly react on mouseover (or other focus selection), in
a different way
> from the manner in which they might blink or react when clicked. 
This is probably a
> good idea for single-click buttons anyway.  What do you think?
> Those little gray bars at either end have a useful purpose.  It's
just the design
> that's pre-alpha.  I'd replace them with little unambiguous icons
against the
> 'seamless' background, which accomplishes the purpose and would,
I'll bet, satisfy
> your sense of esthetics as well.  You might mock these up on the Web
page & repost
> for comments.
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