screensaver problems

Like several others I've seen in the archives, my Toshiba laptop screen
craps out when the screensaver time is up.  First it froze the system
and required a reboot.  Taking a suggestion I'd seen, I removed the
xscreensaver program.  The screen still craps out but at least the
system doesn't freeze.

Looking in the "background properties" I noticed that there is NO
mechanism for disabling the screensaver.  I prefer the screenblanker
built into my laptop anyways. Is there a way to disable the screensaver
in an elegant way?  My in-elegent solution has been to put the timeout
at some large value, say 9999999.

I installed using RPM's and don't have the source.  Not everything works
for some reason (like extace, esound) but I'll deal with those later. 
In the mean-time, what screensaver does to my screen scares me.

Mike Shire

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