Re: DocStructure

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Kenneth R. Kinder wrote:

> > Much of what you are talking about doing for DocBook sounds like what
> > LyX has done for LaTeX.  You would probably want to take a look at
> > their code and see what of it you convert for use on DocBook (or any
> > other SGML document).  I haven't followed it closely, but they may
> > even be planning on extending the LyX application to be able to handle
> > SGML docs.  If so, you could contribute to that project and then we
> > could plug any DTD into the processor.
> Oh, I don't know about that!  I really dislike Lyx.  Firstly, it uses 
> xforms, not gtk.  Secondly, it seems very sluggish and klunky.  Thirdly, 
> mime isn't half-WYSIWYG like Lyx is.

FWIW, I use klyx to maintain the GNOME FAQ.  It makes doing LinuxDoc SGL
docs an absolute breeze.  I really wish that someone would do a DocBook
module for lyx; I can barely find time to maintain the FAQ itself, much
less the software it's written in...

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