gnome-libs/po/es.po fatal msgfmt error


Msgfmt (GNU gettext 0.10.32) stops with a fatal error because one of the
messages in gnome-libs/po/es.po ends with "\n" in Spanish but doesn't
in English.  A patch is included below (after the sig), but I don't know
Spanish, so I just copied the English text into the Spanish message.
Maybe someone who speaks (writes?) Spanish can provide a proper patch?

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--- po/es.po.orig       Sat Apr 25 19:33:54 1998
+++ po/es.po    Sat Apr 25 19:32:39 1998
@@ -105,24 +105,25 @@
 #: libgnomeui/gnome_segv.c:68
 msgid ""
 "Application \"%s\" has a bug.\n"
 "SIGSEGV received at PC %#lx in PID %d.\n"
 "Do you want to exit this program?"
 msgstr ""
 "La aplicación `%s' tiene un error de programación\n"
 "La señal SIGSEGV ha sido recibida en el PC %#lx, para el PID %d.\n"
+"Do you want to exit this program?"
 #: libgnomeui/gnome-calculator.c:888 libgnomeui/gnome-calculator.c:1048
 msgid "DEG"
 msgstr ""
 #: libgnomeui/gnome-calculator.c:890
 msgid "RAD"
 msgstr ""
 #: libgnomeui/gnome-calculator.c:892
 msgid "GRAD"
 msgstr ""

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