Re[1]: spell checking

>>>  Thu Apr 30 16:07:06 1998 seems to think that:
>On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Kenneth R. Kinder wrote:
>> automatically correct, but I love it when they underline the incorrect 
>> word, and put a list of suggestions on the status line!
>A more generally useful thing that would be a preliminary to this is
>adding a nice statusbar interface to GnomeApp.  A side effect would be to
>show "tooltips" for menu items; so you can browse the menus and get little
>descriptions of what they do. You could use the same interface to do your
>spell checker, or whatever else people want.
  [ ... ]

I agree with the status line sentiment, but then I think everything
should be like emacs. ;)

You can already make menu items show help in a status line by
attaching a simple callback to the enter_notify_event for each button.
I leave the last message up for good measure.  If the GnomeApp had
this status line, then it would become more like the Motif
XmMainWindow, and many other apps.  I made the status line in gnu talk
an entry widget so that it could double and a place to ask simple
questions (It also supports a curses mode in the same executable).

There are all sorts of things these status lines are good for.  One of
emacs' best features is that all it's messages, and completion bars are
down there, and not in your face.  Applications should never be in
your face.  That is reserved for spouses. ;)


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