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> I started work on a gnomified version of fdsik. Its currently not very
> stable, but I plan to release a first Version in one or two months. If
> someone is interested in developement or testing please send a mail to

I had that idea not long ago.  I'm too busy to contribute to the 
programming end, but I'd be VERY glad to contribute my efforts in 
documenting the program.  I'm familiar with LinuxDoc SGML and DocBook, 
have a fairly good understanding of grammar and spelling (although, in my 
email and usenet postings, it may not show), and have utilities that will 
aid in its creation, and international translations!

Tell me when you have something to document, give me a very brief run-down 
on things that should be documented, but aren't obvious in the software, 
and I'd be happy to get started!

Thanks for your contribution to the GNOME effort!

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