Re[2]: GNU talk, now with GTK interface!

>>>  Tue Apr 28 10:49:10 1998 seems to think that:
>"Eric M. Ludlam" <> writes:
>> I'd like to announce the first version of GNU talk that includes a
>> GTK+ interface for the talk client.  (I used 1.0.0).  Despite the fact
  [ ... ]
>I don't have a very good feel for the problem you are seeing, but in
>general I would say that it is going to be quite difficult to get
>a GTK+ program running without using the GTK+ main loop. I suspect
>it isn't necessary:
  [ ... ]


  Thanks for the quick response.  Your comments gave me that little
push toward understanding to get everything working this evening!

  I'm still using a home-brewed select statement, but I was able to
overcome the lost timer events from my previous confused email.  I
also conquered the geometry management issue.  I did not realize that
you cannot use the ->window to to determine client space for a

Everyone else,

  I finally have a complete, if slightly odd GTK interface on GNU talk
which works well, and is quite responsive.  Once again, the web page
where you can download the updated version is here:

  Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments anyone might have on my new
front-end.  The next task is to apply various gnome attributes to it,
and to give it a set of those fancy icons. ;)


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