Re: GNOME RPM on S.u.S.E

Miguel> Has anyone tried the RPMS from redhat on a SuSE system? Are
Miguel> they built using glibc? I am using SuSE 5.0 and I have tried
Miguel> compiling this stuff on it with no success. Anyone else tried
Miguel> compiling on SuSE with some success? The site looks great and
Miguel> the list seems to be humming along but, I am not a RedHat user
Miguel> which seems to be the preferred Distro.

I don't know anything about SuSE.

But I'd like to point out that, in my opinion, Red Hat is not the
preferred distribution in an official sense.  It just happens to be
the one with the most active workers.

Contributions to make Gnome work on SuSE, Debian, Stampede, etc, etc,
are quite welcome.


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