Re: gnome-stock pixmaps

On Mon, Apr 27, 1998 at 05:44:43PM +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
> >Yepp, I don't really like that addition to the ok stock icon either, but I
> >think we should really have two different icons for OK and Apply. I added that
> >(what I wanted to be a small version of the quit icon -- which too should be
> >replaced as soon as possible) as a hint that OK usually is Apply+Close. I'm
> >open for other ideas, but I strongly suggest to make the OK and Apply icons
> >different.
> Might I suggest a bent-arrow 'Return' symbol for 'OK'.  I think
> NextStep uses this. (??)  It seems to suggest 'submit this data and
> leave', at least to intermediate users, and is visually distinct from
> the Apply and Cancel icons. 

Sounds pretty good. I just gave it a try. It's a bit bulky but I'm no artist.
Maybe someone can replace it with a better version.

Eckehard Berns

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